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ChakDe!India, Bollywood, Southie and Desi favorites

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Favorite literary blogs
Jabberwock A gold mine of great posts on writers, film, commentary it's been a joy to follow. By Jai Arjun.
Duo on Discovery Path, post in "The Summing Up", a very fine literary blog by 
Chhaya Path: Women, Margins, Issues
Windy Skies: poetry, photography, travel, writing... lovely blog

I once had an SRK page but I'm reviewing it in light of his recent career trajectory and how I feel about that (not happy). I might republish it after revisions, or it might just be history, which would be sad. However, there's plenty of "SRK" in some of the links here if you are still following him. 

I can only hope that in the future we'll again see the fine actor we saw in equally fine films such as my favs, DuplicateSwades or ChakDe!India.

In fairness to SRK, I'm also not as enchanted with Hindi films in general as I used to be. But below, you'll find some more favorites and links.

Balle balle! http://mypersonalblogccm.blogspot.com/2011/07/balle-little-bhangra-for-your-computer.htm

 Click here for nice post on the Indian flag

More fun
Cola wars, India-style

Coke Studios: fabulous musical sessions with top musicians from Pakistan, India, and other countries. This link is to the Artists page of Season Five. 

Filmi Girl's series on Bollywood for Beginners

Funniest Takes on Classical Dance and Music: The more you love classical dance, the funnier a parody can be. I must recommend this little collection on Minai's Cinema Nritya Gharana, a great blog focusing on dance in Indian films:

Humorous Indian Classical Dances from Films [if link has broken, check again later; it seems to come and go. Anyway, you get the idea from the picture, left] has fun with Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and specific elements from classical dance including facial expressions, drumming, and even a "hybrid disco-classical" number. "Ridiculous, humorous or simply silly". Revisit whenever things get too serious, and call me in the morning.

More seriously, the same blogger's exploration of Indian dance in cinema has lately been taking her into a truly impressive and wonderful research into archival and historical sources. Check out especially Part 2, but they're all fascinating.

Not classical but a fun collection of dancing from Southie films, put together by Minai (it's also featured further down on this page).

As for singing -  here's a classic YouTube mini-drama parodying several forms of singing from different areas of the subcontinent, as experienced by a Desi family and their bemused neighbor...

Some favorite Bollywood, India and Desi sites (a little bit of everything) as of a while ago...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Cje8n-HmM(click on the image below)

South Indian (fillum) Dance Extravaganza 

I hope to collect my film reviews here, eventually, but meanwhile the blogs listed above offer a lifetime's good reading. 
Watch Sitayama trailer here

Celebrate Valentine's Day every day of the year with the truest movie ever made, a glorious mashup that discovers the universality of classic India, modern feminism, Bollywood tropes, Western and Indian musical styles, and digital art. And independent filmmaking and copyright reform. Click on the poster for trailer, and see links in right-hand column for "cultural commons" issues links.
Sita  carried off to Lanka
Original flag of Independence, 1921, with Gandhi's charkha