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Michael Tellinger

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - R. Buckminster Fuller

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tending my garden now (Updated)

It's been great fun to do this blog. With the ability to include graphics and links, this kind of writing is so much more satisfying to do than the limited (and limiting) method that was stuck on paper and locked into time and space. Don't get me wrong - printing is still the best, most enduring technology. But it's been a liberating experience to write this way and I'm glad to have had the opportunity. Thank you, all you people who brought us Blogspot. And thank you, who read this.

Still, in the past year I've rarely added to this blog or updated it. Today, Planetbound looks like a series of snapshots of earlier, outgrown selves. As I enter into old age I'm still learning the world, and my perspective has changed. I'm smaller, now, and the world is bigger. The ongoing radiation disaster of Fukushima; the war being waged against our planet through fracking and so many other evil practices; the progress that's been made by corporations to turn social media culture (as well as the rest of Earth) into just another resource to exploit and ruin for their temporary profit... well, these and other concerns (you know the laundry list) have lately overwhelmed my previous interest in sharing my understanding of this or that little piece of the world. At least for now. I'm more interested today in tending my own garden, while I still have it.

Here in the Southern Oregon mountains we've had a long spell of glorious weather. After some colder nights and fall rains (but with frequent sun - it's like that here) fall colors are bursting out, migrating birds are stopping by, insects and frogs are seen and heard again, and my living room is awash in sunlight. In a breeze outside, the trees wave their branches and their leaves sparkle brilliantly. They literally sparkle, as if newly created. This isn't a visionary painting, it's just my neighborhood. It's a good day to be alive. They all are.

Update/Note (3/11/15) the summer before I wrote the post above, it was discovered more or less by accident that all the mysterious symptoms I'd been having for the past two years,which my doctor ignored, were caused by severe anemia and I was rushed to the hospital for transfusions ASAP. It had been going on and getting worse since well before the 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival in April. That year was a dramatic change for me, in that I could barely walk from one theater to another, and I really struggled to write reviews. I only wrote one long one, and that was at the urging of a wonderful woman in my writing group.

Since the blood test revealed the biggest problem I've been getting better ever since, with herbal supplements and diet (I refused to let myself get sucked into the medical industrial complex and become yet another resource for them to mine.) You can see the progress of the anemia from looking at my blog entries - they slowed down, then stopped.  It wasn't "just aging" as my friends advised, and it wasn't just a need for more exercise, as my doctor said. Though I'll aver that I'm still getting old, and I still need more exercise. But I had a great year in the garden in 2014 and hope to have an even better one in 2015. And I am thinking about writing again.

Meanwhile, to the corporate employee engaged by the government to check in on my blog every week (who else would keep returning when there's never anything new in it?) - I say, get a life! To everyone else - watch Citizenfour!