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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Occupied Cascadia


We all have our regional focus. Driving across the country on my way back west in about 2005, two things really made an impression on me that still stick:

1. Soon after I got to Oregon, someone from another country asked me what I thought about the US after just having driven across most of it. My answer was immediate: "It's too big." All the way across I'd kept thinking, this country is made up of several different countries, each a region that ought rightly to be organizing itself. No wonder nothing works. These regions are overwritten by a false political economy. How can it sustain itself?

2. In Nebraska, there was a rest stop where a great variety of native prairie plants had been established in an attempt to restore a part of the original ecosystem. It was overwhelming to breathe the air there. It was like being in heaven. I felt invigorated and twice the human I'd been before. This was our world, before the Europeans arrived. This was the great prairie as it was meant to be, as the Native Americans knew it, and it was medicine just to be there. This was the part of the planet my ancestors crossed in their covered wagons in the route I now repeated in my petroleum-powered haste. Did they have any idea how wonderful the world was then? Certainly, they chose to make this journey west, just as I did. In that park, I felt more connected with those ancestors than I've ever felt before or since, just from knowing they'd been here and breathed this same plant air.

Coming back to Cascadia (after an adulthood of wage slavery just to be free, for a while, in the region where I formed my first and deepest connections with Earth), it was wonderful to be here again. And this is where I am now:  occupying Cascadia. I truly love my home.

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