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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AIFF 2012: Wraps


memories of AIFF2012.
coming up: AIFF 2013, April 4-8!

After a film festival, at least after a fantastic one like Ashland's, I recommend spending an entire day and night sleeping and then a lazy morning the next day, and THEN thinking about writing reviews. That's the point where I am now. It was an amazing festival. Programmer Joanne Feinberg and selection crew outdid themselves once again with the excellence of the selections, and the special events I attended were some of the best-ever. Volunteers made everything flow smoothly and fellow attendees were friendly and interesting to talk to. Easy walking distances to parking, venues, hotel (kudos to Bard's Inn, this year) and a wonderful variety of foods (many reasonably priced) really do make AIFF heaven for the film buff. My only problem: add a bit of socializing to all this, and there is no time for blogging!

This year I saw several films and panels a day. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a single one, and as always, there were others I'd like to have seen as well. Most of these won't be available to see outside of film festivals for months or even years. Many fine films I've seen at AIFF still have not become generally available for borrowing or streaming, and who can afford to buy them all? Not I.

But from discussions I heard, this year filmmakers are finally catching on to how to use the Internet to reach backers and audiences. Just a few years ago, I attended a panel on which not a single filmmaker had a clue about how to use crowdsourcing or streaming. So in this "golden age of documentaries" (as I heard one filmmaker put it this year) we still have a lot to look forward to.

Here's a list of this year's awards: http://www.ashlandfilm.org/Page.asp?NavID=539
Here are some interviews with some of the filmmakers: http://blog.ashlandfilm.org/?p=330

On to AIFF 2013: April 4-8.

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