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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AIFF 2012 Day 5: Locals 2, Dreamworld, The Universal Language, Austin Unbound

This post, like the other "day" posts I've been doing during the festival, will be a placeholder until I've caught up on (at least briefly reviewing) all the films I saw, so check back later if you don't see the reviews you're looking for here. I want write something about everything I saw at this year's festival because it was all good. The festival's a wrap, but now comes what's in some ways the best part for me: thinking some more about it all, and writing.

Locals 2: these "locals" programs are just sheer fun, because they're such a variety. They're films by local filmmakers but we have a vibrant culture here, so expect the best.

The Locals program kicked off with a fantastic animated comic, Pizza Deliverance,  "A delivery driver's tale of monsters and mayhem. Written/Drawn by Jake Vian. Video/Score by Cyle Ziebarth." (From the YouTube.) Besides being highly amusing in its own right, the cartoon has a lot to say about the insanity of trying to make a living dealing with the public. In this case, the geography of Oregon has something to do with the challenges, but I identified with it too, after a career indoors in public libraries (which most non-librarians assume are sane, safe places - ha!). Every profession has its monster patrons and special challenges in getting the job done - with rewards at the end if you have the right attitude. Very well done, fun, and funny! Here's the YouTube: see for yourself.

Other Locals in this show: 3:30, Four Daughters, and Pretty Piece of Justice, short fictions which ranged from science fictional irony to intimate drama to humorous fantasy and two documentaries, The Next Best West (with three examples of what people are doing to remediate environmental mistakes of the past) and An Ordinary Life, a wonderful short film on local activist and poet Dot Fisher-Smith. As with several of the films I haven't done justice to yet here, I intend to write more about this one! So check back later. This was a shorter, more film festival-friendly version of the longer documentary, Dot (I intend eventually to add links and more info on all these when AIFF puts the web info back online). Also at this screening event, there were representatives from each of the films for Q&A!

Universal Language, Austin Unbound, and Dreamworld: see them! Check back later for my reviews. Here's an interview (and trailer) with the director of Dreamworld, Ryan Darst. I really enjoyed the Q&A with him and lead actor/writer Oliver Hayes - they really got into it!

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