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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Mabon/Ostara

Equinox is balance. Image borrowed from this site  - thanks!

Depending on where on the globe you find yourself, happy Equinox, fall or spring! Here's it's Mabon and summer is still bravely hanging on though a few colder days have crept in. Now I'm sadly disconnected from the harvest, but I might rejoin the community garden someday if I ever really need to grow food. Or maybe this time it will be hydroponics. For now, there is enough and for that I'm thankful! 

This poem on YouTube captures my feelings of loss for the summer, since that's my favorite season and even with the milder Southern Oregon winter, I still don't like to see summer go. (Use is restricted so you have to go to YouTube to view/hear it. Below, part of the author's statement.) 
Uploaded by  on Sep 19, 2008I wanted to make a video to honour the Autumn Equinox, also known to some as "Mabon". However, the history of Mabon is somewhat hazy, it seems that while the Autumn Equinox celebrations go back before the written records, Mabon itself is a relatively new name for the old festival.
So rather than cause controversy on the facts, I decided to write something myself instead to honour the change of the Season.
... Lisa
Wheel of the Year from Natural Rhythms
 Here's another nice song, on YouTube by Lisa Thiel

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