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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Balle! Balle! A little Bhangra for your computer

Thanks to friendly neighbor Meri Walker, who posted this on her blog. Who'd have expected the famously vigorous Punjabi dance form to translate into a kind of yoga for overworked computer users?

Or how about just getting your robot to do it for you! (I especially like the arm movements at about 22 seconds)

Or get up and dance along with this -

Or in full color, a Bollywood bhangra starring a darling cross-dressing Rani Mukherjee (from Dil Bole Hadippa)...


meri walker said...

Chris, these other videos are just wonderful!!! How lovely that you already know so much about the background of Hemalaya's little vid...

You are a treasure, indeed!

Christine Menefee said...

Thanks Meri! The one you found is a treasure. As a fan of Indian pop music it's hard to avoid Bhangra; the drums, rhythms, and joy are totally infectious. The dances figure prominently in many Hindi movies, too, since so many of them have Punjabi characters; and a few bars from Bhangra music (characteristic instruments and vocal riffs) often signal a detour into ethnic humor based on stereotypes of Sikh vigor, energy, and sometimes alcohol use. When your friend's video inspired me to look for some more Bhangra-related entertainment in YouTube, it was really brought home to me how international it is now; there were vids posted from every part of the world. But that yoga approach you found is unique!

Cal Gal 1968 said...

These were so much fun, Chris! I just can't resist Bhangra! :-)