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Michael Tellinger

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perkins and Baker: a new kind of empire - corporatocracy, mutant capitalism, and can we blame Obama for this?

I seem to have entered into a season of mostly just sharing videos, lately. I thought this one was particularly good. In a little over 20 minutes it pretty much says it all. In an interview with Laura Flanders, John Perkins and Russ Baker talk about their recent books on global empire, how it works, and what can be done to change it. "We're at a watershed of history like nothing we've ever experienced before" but also "for the first time in history we're all talking to each other" (on the Internet) and more people are understanding (even if their "leaders" don't) that we're all in this mess together, whatever country we happen to live in. Not sure when this aired but it might have been in 2009. Not much has changed yet.

I particularly appreciated the perspective Perkins offers on the de facto assassination of Clinton, since this is how I've always seen it too. Not to mention the rest of the conversation - there are many good, useful perspectives here. Perkins, as always, offers hope.

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