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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ashland Independent Film Festival 2011

I haven't been able to write yet about this year's festival but I do hope to review some of the  films I saw, before too long, because they were really good. Meanwhile, critic Shawn Levy's blog gives a good idea what it was like, from weather to special moments. Here are the links:
http://blog.oregonlive.com/madaboutmovies/2011/04/the_big_uneasy_harry_shearer_g.html (not AIFF, but The Big Uneasy, which we saw at the festival)
AIFF loves Levy. Last year, he did a fascinating "Talkback" based on his biography of Paul Newman. This year, he did a wonderful job of interviewing Morgan Spurlock in a "Conversation with". From that last post, I think he likes us too: 
"But Ashland is onto something.  After 10 years of choosing films well, teaching an audience to embrace the small and the unusual, treating filmmakers and visiting guests like long-lost family, and sticking determinedly to a core of talented staffers and committed volunteers, it has continued to grow in stature, quality and impact.  Filmmakers, even those who don't win anything, are dazzled by the setting, the audiences, the warmth of the event.  AIFF is a not-for-profit, as we were reminded continually before screenings, and will depend on donations to continue for another decade.  But if goodwill were a form of money, it would be one of the richest film festivals in the world."

Thanks, Shawn! I also stumbled upon this Ashland blogger named Steve, who did what I wish I could've - covered everything as it happened. I found it interesting to read about the ones he saw that I didn't, and compare notes on the ones we did both see (I mostly agreed). Here's the first of them:  http://bloggingashland.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/ashland-film-festival-week/

Finally, check out some of Jim Teece's videos on YouTube. This one has two of my friends in the background!

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