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Michael Tellinger

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Globish, Hinglish, and Love's Last Madness (book reviews)

I've just revised, expanded and updated an earlier post on this subject (see title) and you'll find it here.

That post refers to a new look for summer - and I see I have another new look now, for the winter season. And that I'm still struggling. On the blogging front, I've received my old (one year old) PC back now from HP, supposedly restored to its former level of functionality, and it's already acting up again, but maybe I'll get another good year out of it before it crashes again. I hope. I've missed being able to blog here. Have missed Blip.fm too. And all the rest.

cartoon found courtesy of cracked.com, a great zine
Wish I could afford/could have afforded a Mac in the first place a year ago, but I'm just another one of the downwardly mobile former middle class slammed by the end of life as we once knew it. I can forsee a time when I'll have to give up my computer altogether in order to put beans on the table. It was nice while it lasted...

Now to send out my handful of Xmas cards...

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