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Monday, July 19, 2010

American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose

I can type a little now, and had to share something about American Night, OSF's first play in American Revolutions, the ambitious new American history cycle. This one, by Richard Montoya and Culture Clash, is a terrific play in itself and will, I hope, see performances all over the country (world?) in years to come. It's also a perfect overture - it draws you in and promises that anything and everything will happen in the 36 new OSF-sparked plays to come. And that you'll want to stick around to see the rest. This review tells all about it so I can save myself some keystrokes and refer you there. Do read it!

All for now but when the shoulder's better I'll probably have more to say about this pitch-perfect choice for opening up a national discussion about what this country is really about. In this play, it's a country I recognize.

OSF Artistic Director Bill Rauch really does have a vision and the Festival just gets better and better, under his leadership. Which is amazing since it was already a great festival under Libby Appel.

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