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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Online life: singing in the virtual choir

Had to share this amazing video (here's the YouTube link) - an online choir singing 'Lux Aurumque' by Eric Whitacre. It's a "virtual" choir in that it's on the internet, not in person, but it's a real human activity. Didn't "virtual" mean not really real, not that long ago? I found it through an interesting blog, Emergent by Design - enjoyed the recent posts on pattern recognition and environmental scanning, and on Junto; it's all a piece of the conversation about how the Internet can connect people in new ways, not just in business but socially, to find new solutions to big problems. "Emergent" is a good word for visualizing that process. (Note to self: though this is a sincere attempt to share/interact, is my blog only what Meri calls a "fire hose" if nobody reads it and responds? When a tree falls in the forest...)

The amazing thing about this project from composer Eric Whitacre is how fully realized it already is. It's not just a gimmick, it's really fine music. And with this performance method, it becomes to me a hymn for the potential of what we can do now. And if this intrigues you, don't miss this: it's the conductor/composer's online instruction to the choir (screencap, above right. This one is for Harriet!)

There's a new International Choir forming now - here's the Facebook page.

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