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Monday, April 19, 2010

Easing back into life after the Film Festival

RQN. Having recovered from the film festival, and made plans for next year, I've just been updating the blog. Reconfigured some of the features on the left, added new links, and finally got around to reconstituting the lost My Name is Khan retrospective page (link at top). It is now a MNIK/SRK fanpage . If you're curious about Bollywood, or want to see what some of my favorites are, in the SRK fan section at the bottom of the fanpage there are several links to Bollywood item numbers (songs within movies). I'll probably be adding to this page from time to time because it's fun to do and there's always new material. (below, the iconic and longest-running DDLJ) Also, I've consolidated most of my favorite Bollywood/India/Desi Heroes links in a second page, here.
Now out to work in the garden - we're finally having some real spring weather! And this afternoon we reconvene our neighborhood landscaping task force; I'm toying with the idea of a blog about life here at Mountain Meadows. It's kind of a cross between Barbary Lane and Road to Nowhere, depending on what's going on at the moment. With, alas, an occasional detour into bureaucratic dead end hell. But we're stayin' alive. A lot of us aren't quite that old yet, but being here, you do see where we're all headed - no blinders on! What we need is an underground newspaper, which would be a blog these days. Don't worry, Madeline, I won't do that; there isn't much scope for a scandal sheet in this good-hearted community. (Sure, an occasional senior romance blossoms, but they're likely to tell all about it in our newsletter.) Still, there must be something to write about, midway between frustration and vision. We'll see.

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