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Saturday, April 10, 2010

AIFF: Day Two... Convention: a different perspective on the 2008 Democratic convention

Saw the excellent documenary Convention yesterday at AIFF.

Varsity Theatre, Ashland, AIFF photo by Rory Finney on Facebook

Unfortunately, Blogger just hiccoughed and lost my entire post! No time to recreate it now because I'm gearing up for a big day of more movies today. I'll just say: this documentary tells the story surrounding the Denver 2008 Democratic convention. It follows several key "characters" involved in pulling the convention off: organizers from the Mayor's office; the staff at the Denver Post; and the demonstrators outside the convention trying to be heard --  with just enough coverage of the convention itself to put the events and people in the documentary in context.

Convention is well worth seeing for its coverage of the demonstrations alone. With the outsiders in the mix, the convention emerges as the truly democratic institution it is supposed to be; what you get in the mainstream media is just part of the story and it comes across as just a staged event. Here is the whole story, from antiwar veterans to rookie reporter. It's all quite fascinating and, despite evidence of a police state and some police brutality, nevertheless a portrait of a democracy working pretty well after all. Pretty much the balm we needed after eight years of bush coup. And a reminder that we as a people, adults doing our jobs whatever they happen to be, are what make the wheels go around.

Lining up at the Varsity Theatre, Ashland, AIFF photo by Rory Finney on Facebook

Think political conventions are boring? Frustrated with the lack of coverage of protests, when you know they are happening? Feel like your voice isn't being heard? See this movie for some welcome perspective on things as they really are - and besides, it's really entertaining! Well done, filmmakers.

NOTE: just found this review on Oregonian critic Shawn Levy's blog - it saves me the trouble of recreating the one I lost - pretty much says everything I'd say, if I were as good a writer as he ;-)

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