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Michael Tellinger

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Learn to love greens (and live green while you're at it)"

RQN - Here's some sensible advice about weight from an unexpected source. I thought it worth sharing. From Karan Johar's blog (he's one of the top Indian filmmakers, director of My Name is Khan, and a very interesting guy). I say he's an unexpected source of wisdom on the subject since I had been under the impression that he was one of the culprits behind Bollywood's sad current trend away from pleasingly plump to size zero actresses. Anyway, as someone who, like KJo, has been on both sides of the coin, weight-wise (though in my case the trajectory was backwards - he started out chubby, and grew up to be, well, as you see below, right; and my history has been more extreme than his, I suspect; I've been everything from malnourished - and not from dieting, either - to fat), this makes a lot of sense to me, at a time in my life when I'm more concerned with survival than appearance...  Click on the link above to read the whole post. My favorite part, though, is the conclusion:

"All this speculation on the body will always, eventually, affect the mind. Trying relentlessly to break down the fat can also break our spirits if we show up with dismal results. It can be a scary place, not knowing how to be happy with yourself, and to not love the way you look. I’ve been down that road and am not interested in going back. The deal I’ve struck with myself is to afford myself a balance of indulging in what feels good, and coupling it with what I know is good for me. It’s not rocket science, but it takes patience, and now, I have this to suggest; the greatest tip of them all is simply to learn your body. Know your body more than anyone else can claim to know. But most importantly, accept your body. Listen to what works for you, and then follow the basics. Drink more water than you think is physically possible. Learn to love greens (and live green while you’re at it.) Train your mind to train your body to do what it needs to survive, what you need to be sane and most importantly, surround yourself with people who are content in their skin, and in time, that glow on your skin will bounce right back."