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Michael Tellinger

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Dolls Do: Visit from a Friend

 If you've ever been fascinated by miniatures, here's a treat. How to describe this video... charming? sweet? seductive? delightful? Subversive? All that. There are layers here that an academic could have fun analyzing. But I challenge you to watch this one without simply smiling!

Tangren Alexander, the artist, used a program that's kind of like the Ken Burns Effect turbocharged, that makes it possible to direct the "camera" in a very sophisticated way. Or maybe (as I suspect is the real story) it's just magic.

I'm counting on this being just the beginning of a series of videos celebrating this artist's other "tiny worlds." I've been fortunate to see some of them and promise - you are going to be amazed and delighted.

blog address: http://whatdollsdo.blogspot.com/