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Michael Tellinger

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Valentine's Day treats

Herewith some odds and ends garnered from folks I follow on the Internet, for the delectation of persistently romantic souls... time to celebrate what Nina Paley calls "The evilest holiday ever devised."

For the academics among us:

Studies in Crap (yes, that's a real site) presents "Undiluted Maleness": the hunks of Harlequin Romances (and other manufactured fantasies). For each of the three novels examined, this answers such questions as "He needs a good woman not unlike a Harlequin reader because..." and "Page they finally get to doin' it." Bonus materials include an X-box romance experience, and some unspeakable Beatles fanfic.

(this space left intentionally blank - what can you say about a cover like that?)

For the history buffs...

Caption: "Just a woman, her gun, a campsite and a few friends in the 1880s."

That guy over there on the right doesn't look too comfortable... Can't help wondering what the story is here! Found this on the same site as the one above - go here for a much better quality image.

And for Everywoman, an event if you're near Symphony Space - two special screenings of Sita Sings the Blues!

Whether attending in person, screening your DVD at
home or viewing the film on the computer, Paley's Sitayama - "The greatest breakup story ever told" - is the perfect way to celebrate our trials by fire, our survival, and our returns to Earth.

Not that I'd complain if someone sent me chocolates.