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Michael Tellinger

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Halleluja - k.d. lang highlights Olympics opening ceremonies

Did you see that? OMG I think I died and went to heaven! Imagine a country like that. Her appearance actually positioned on the program as the high point of the whole entertainment part of the show. Leonard Cohen the poet laureate. Link here to see a spectator's video - amateur camerawork, but very fine sound. And here's the official version from the NBC site.

The rest of the ceremony was beautiful too, gentle and poetic and proudly inclusive of sexes, ethnicities, walks of life. Enlightened, was the image they were going for. They nailed it. A perfect 10. (The announcers thought it was a glitch when the fourth leg of the cauldron failed to come up. Don't they know cauldrons only have three legs? Perfect! )

A country seemingly as different from us as Mexico. How does this happen? Can I live there too? No, wait, that country is forever beyond my reach; for one thing, their immigration quotas would rule me out and for another, it's too cold. So near and yet so far. I peer over the border dreaming of a life of pleases, thank yous, and officials who approve celebrating female astronauts and singers like k.d. lang and poets like Leonard Cohen. And YouTube poets. Yep, they got the point across that they're pretty cool.

Sigh. She is spectacular. Forget the Olympians - she makes me feel "anything is possible." At least in Canada. Maybe here, in a hundred years?

Oh well, Ashland isn't so bad. Cris Williamson is coming to town next month.


PS Okay, I know the Olympics aren't perfect. I saw the feature on Free Speech TV about all the corruption and how the Aboriginal Peoples were shafted in Canada and all that. (Like that doesn't happen everywhere?) And now the protestors are breaking windows. Does that make them better? But hey, flawed as the whole exercise is, I still think it's valuable for people to see, every couple of years, a vision of people working hard and getting along and doing fabulous things together no matter where they come from. It's little enough to ask for. And that Opening Ceremony was one of the great ones. Way more than just spectacle.