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Monday, February 8, 2010

Godavari: beautiful river song

Update 7/11: This post included a beautiful song from the Telugu film Godavari, about a tourist excursion by boat on the Godavari River, visiting sites sacred to Sita and Rama - it was a romance, of course. I found the whole film magical because of the beautiful river and the wonderful characters. And the South Indian mise en scene. I do love films that bring back to me something of my brief time there.

image from song in film Godavari
The song is no longer viewable due to copyright conflicts. (Up on soapbox:) That's really too bad, because how else do they think people other than Telugu speakers in India are likely to come across the film? YouTube is the best advertising anyone can get, and it's free! Greedy lawyers and idiot coporation executives strike again... 

Anyway, do try to see the movie. It's worth it for this song alone, and the rest is very enjoyable too. Gorgeous scenery, nice performances, sweet story. At this writing, Netflix still offers it. And if you look it up on YouTube, it keeps reappearing there. Maybe they've even given permission by now.