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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to the root of everything: Mary Daly

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of Mary Daly's death, as she has been for so long a towering figure in my inner life, or like some awesome Mentor who never lets you get away with anything, but is also never boring and often surprisingly fun. I say the idea of her death, because to me she was Idea incarnate. Friends sent a video tribute that has some essential quotes from her books, together with wonderful images; it's at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnmdzGwO2K8&feature=channel After seeing this I kept coming across other people's blog postings about her, all day.

Actually, I haven't even even read all her books yet - and after that, there's still a lifetime's worth of rereading. Gyn/Ecology remains, for me, the best single analysis of everything in human culture wordwide that's holding us back; just the other day I referenced it again. People criticize it for its anger, but for me it's not the sick kind of anger, but rather the kind that wakes you up. I've sidestepped a number of pointless arguments by advising, "read Gyn/Ecology first, and then if you still have questions, we'll talk" (they rarely come back). It's a lovely book, just so elegantly argued, witty, and painful - a kind of corrective, or medicine, for the overly-comfortable mentality. Or maybe it was just what I needed at that time in my life, and I revisit it when I need a little mental bracing-up.

The video tribute to Mary Daly (mentioned above) was posted in YouTube by http://www.youtube.com/user/Aphrodisiastes . I'm getting some solace and further inspiration, and being reminded of my roots, viewing Aphrodisiastes's great videos from the ancient and modern Dianic tradition of Z. Budapest and have subscribed to her channel. Check them out, especially the Goddess Prayer for Pax (Peace) at

Mary Daly was tough, she was funny, she was ruthless in her attack to get at the truth and then bring it into the open, she was highly creative, and she took no intellectual quarter. She has been really, really hated by some of the most small-minded, creepily smug, intellectually challenged, dogmatic, and academic people in the world, and vilified as "satanic" (a bunkum god of their own invention that they project onto others) by some of the most evil religious people today, which more or less proves her credentials as someone worth listening to, doesn't it?

A lot of women these days have bought that brilliant example of "reframing," the often-repeated phrase "post-feminism," and truly believe there have been fundamental changes in women's lot -- due, if they know of it, to Daly's work and that of others equally fierce -- and that we're much better off now, but to me any such changes look like the emperor's new clothes. Like bandages on gangrene. Or what Daly would call tokenism, which she pointed out "dulls the revolutionary spirit." What Daly terms patriarchy is still firmly in place and life under it is just as brutal out there as ever, for all but a few of us lucky ones. 

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