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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Bloggers: Margaret and Helen

This is a wonderful blog - Margaret and Helen: Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting

Margaret and Helen are in their eighties and have corresponded all their lives. They live in Texas and Maine. I think a grandson helped them set up the blog, and fields the bad apples for them. Helen does most of the writing; Margaret prefers the telephone; but you do get the sense of a conversation there. To give you the flavor of the thing, the latest posting, a critique of Sara Palin's new book, is titled "Going Rogue Without a Condom." Helen suffers from no illusions about the Palin family values. Wonderful! Before that is a Thanksgiving blog not to be missed, with instructions to family members. I can't wait to delve deeper into what promises to be a treasure trove. Sweet little old ladies? Banish the stereotype! If the title Vim and Vinegar weren't already taken (see below), I'd be calling them that! In the "about" section of the blog, Margaret says some people question whether they're "real" or a literary creation themselves. I say, who cares! They're great. (And living where I do, I could see some of my own neighbors writing a similar blog. Must get them started! When a smart person lives long enough, there's a lot to share!)

Finding Margaret and Helen is one of the many benefits I've enjoyed since starting this blog. I found it through another blog, Vim and Vinegar, which I happened upon because my friend Larry, who actually "follows" this one (the first real response I had to this - thanks Larry), also follows that one. V&V in turn came upon Margaret and Helen through another blog, and wrote about it in theirs. Wonders really multiply in this world! Thanks, V&V - and I haven't even commented on their blog yet, but I really like what they do too. And now I have to check out the other one... So many great people out there!

M&H and V&V are included in my list of favorite blogs, in the left-hand column of this thing.

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