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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blood Song: A Silent Ballad (book review)

Blood Song: A Silent Ballad (now in a second edition) by Eric Drooker and Joe Sacco
(adapted from review for SLJ, recommending to adults and teens)

This remarkable book induces in readers the powerful emotional truth of a folktale or myth. Told entirely through art, the narrative is simple: Driven from their rural home by war in Southeast Asia, a young woman and her dog survive a sea crossing and find themselves in an industrial city in the West where they encounter love and another sort of war.

Varying his images from spreads to multi-panel sequences, Drooker is a master of pace and mood. His perspectives veer in a visionary fashion from galactic to intimate. He movingly portrays a striking range of emotional states from calm tranquillity to loving sex to panicked flight. His scratchboard-and-watercolor art is monochromatic and expressionistic, with visual echoes of traditions as varied as the lyrical watercolors of Southeast Asia and the muscular woodblocks of socialist realism. When color does make a rare appearance, it has a powerful narrative effect.

Readers are likely to be drawn, like the protagonist, into the maelstrom, and to find themselves thinking important thoughts.

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