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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decades of dolls in a hatbox

Here's a break from brooding about the world's crises. In our community clubhouse we have a display case and to fill a gap in scheduling, a friend and I put together a little show of dolls and toys ("Kid Stuff"). As we set it up, other people kept coming by with their own mementos; eventually the thing got very busy-looking but what the heck, it was just for fun.

I have in perpetual storage a small collection of dolls my mother gave me when she came back from trips. They all fit into an old hatbox, so I've managed to hang onto them through the years and it was fun to get them out and see them again.  Later when I dismantled the display I snapped some pictures before the cuties went back into hibernation. Here are a few of the ones my mother gave me - you can just make out Turkey, France, Austria, India, Norway (my grandmother's regional dress), Italy, and Denmark...

Below, the illo of Saturn is a book I adored as a child, The Stars for Sam. It's one of the few I've managed to keep through all my moves (along with another one I loved, The Earth for Sam). The robot (1960's) was a truly wonderful toy. It walked, moved its arms, and as the upper torso executed 360 degree turns, the chest opened up and guns came out, emitting sparks in all directions. There are also blueprints for the starship Enterprise, and a little Space Shuttle (also named Enterprise - that's another story I might tell someday). And let's see, little things from Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars... (the little wooden men were from my friend's collection)

And of course, from more recently... Xena and Gabby! So I guess I'm continuing my mother's tradition of bringing dolls back from distant places - to give to my inner child... LOL

If you click on the photos you can get bigger versions of them.

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